Electroless Nickel And Copper Series
"Super Spiky" electroless nickel electroless nickel electroless copper
"Super Spiky" electroless nickel electroless nickel electroless copper
Our coating improves bond retention and assists the transfer of heat from the grinding area ,minimizing localized overheating and avoiding thermal degradation of both the diamond and the bond. This results in extended crystal and bond life. Electroless copper in resin bonds has been found to be particularly effective in the dry grinding of cemented carbides.

All EID products are available with a nickel or copper cladding. While our standard coating is 30%,56%,60% ,our EDA 2000 range can be coated to any percentage ,as required by the client. The EID electroless nickel and copper have been photographed on our scanning electron microscope, illustrating the very rough knotted surfaces achieved during our specialized cladding technique.

Specialized Plasma Coating
Enchancing bond retention & protecting the diamond crystal

EID is proud to announce the introduction of its specialized Plasma coating process.

Upon demand we can coat all our ESN range with the following coatings:
Ti - titanium, Tic - titanium carbide, TiN - titanium nitride, TiCN - titanium carbo nitride,
Si - Silicon carbide, Cu - Copper, Chrome Nickel, Cr - chromium carbide,
Zr - Zirconium, Al - aluminium, AIN - Aluminium nitride.

AEID titanium coating Bstandard titanium coating
EID titanium coating standard titanium coating
As illustrated in photos A + B it can be clearly seen that the titanium deposited in photo A is evenly spread and has become an integral part of the crystal.
This deposition enhances bond retention and protection of the crystal.

Product B however shows an irregular titanium deposition, causing the titanium to strip off, resulting in diamond free of titanium.

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